31 Henty st. Portland VIC 3350
Open 7 nights 5 pm to 9 pm

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-   All our food is prepared freshly so it may take a little while during busy periods.

-  Please notify with staff of any allergies or gluten free.

-  All prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

-  BYO alcohol only

-  $2.00 per person / per glass all BYO.

-  We reserve the right to close at any time without notice.

Lemongrass’s Special


Massaman Curry (Choice of Chicken, Beef or Lamb)       GF                        $19.90

Tender stewed chunks with your choice of meat in a delicious mild curry serve with potatoes and onions.


Snow Pea Prawns                                                                   GF                        $19.90

Fresh prawns stir-fried with snow peas and vegetables in a apical seasoned mild sauce.


Honey Prawn or Honey Fish                                                                             $19.90

Deep fried battered prawns or fish fillets served on a bed of steamed vegetables topped with homemade honey sauce.


Soy Ginger and Shallot                                                                                      $19.90

Deep fried fish fillets stir-fried with our special soy ginger sauce and vegetables.

Lemongrass King Prawn                                                          GF                    $19.90

Fresh Prawns stir-fried in mild Thai sauce with lemongrass, chilli jam, assorted vegetable and sliced of lemongrass on top.


Salt & Pepper squid                                                                                          $19.90

Deep fried squid in battered serve with sweet chilli sauce and garden salad.


Angel Prawn                                                                                                       $19.90

Prawn in batter then tossed in shredded coconut cook by deep fried, topped with home made sauce & sesame seed served on a bed of steamed vegetables.


Soft Shell Crab                                                                                                    $21.90

Lightly battered soft shell crab on steamed vegetable and topped with homemade sauce and sesame seeds.


Special Exotic seafood                                                             GF                    $21.90

A selection of seafood is gently steamed and further simmered in an aromatic red curry base, flavoured with egg, basil, finely chopped kaffir lime leaf and Chinese cabbage.